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Custom Art Engraving Examples

Polished Cube (U1-FM-PC) with custom engraving consisting of names and dates in Times New Roman Font and a photograph.

Rhapsody (U1-AC-R) with custom engraving consisting of names and dates in Monotype Corsiva font and a photograph.

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Customer Testimonials

St. Louis Cremation
Oliver King
“I would say 75% of our urns are personalized. I am very surprised at the number of people who have all five sides of the urn engraved, since it's no extra charge. Families love that. It amazes me how crisp the picture engraving is on both the wood and marble, along with the limitless stock art library. I had a family who wanted some kind of tennis picture on the urn. I called and within minutes I had a two page fax with tennis artwork. No surprise, the family bought three urns, all engraved. ”

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