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We offer the most comprehensive and easy to use engraving system available.  We believe that the process of memorialization on an urn should be as simple as possible, and the results should be equally as professional and comprehensive.

At Z&A we don't have maximum character limits or hidden fees and hurdles.  We use an industry exclusive step process that gives you the assurance that no hidden charges exist and the confidence to get whatever you want on an urn without hesitation.

The steps in the Z&A engraving offering are:

  1. Name & Dates - This is our most econimcal engraving option.  This option is limited to the deceased name, dates and one line of sentiment on one surface of an urn.
  2. Text - Any amount of characters on any number of surfaces.  This is most commonly the deceased's names and dates with a favorite bible verse or piece of poetry.
  3. Stock Art - Your choice of our catalog art pieces (any number of them) and as much text as you like, on as many surfaces as you like.
  4. Custom Art - When you supply art, such as a photograph you will see this charge.  This charge also includes as much stock art as you like and as much text as you want without surface limitations.

* Mural Art - Mural art is a charge intended for decorating urns with motifs for retail display.  One art piece on one surface is the definition Mural Art.  An example would be a moose on the front of an urn on display in Alaska or Canada, or an Elk on an urn in Montana.

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Customer Testimonials

St. Louis Cremation
Oliver King
“I would say 75% of our urns are personalized. I am very surprised at the number of people who have all five sides of the urn engraved, since it's no extra charge. Families love that. It amazes me how crisp the picture engraving is on both the wood and marble, along with the limitless stock art library. I had a family who wanted some kind of tennis picture on the urn. I called and within minutes I had a two page fax with tennis artwork. No surprise, the family bought three urns, all engraved. ”

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