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Documentation to assist in ordering from and working with Ziegler & Ames is located here for the sole use of its business partners, and those in the process of becoming business partners.

Files are in Adobe PDF formats which allow for usage across a wide array of end user computers and operating systems, and simply requires the installation of the free file viewer supplied from Adobe Systems.

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St. Louis Cremation
Oliver King
“Since we switched to selling ONLY Z&A, our urn sales have gone through the roof. We used to sell about an urn a week, now we're selling one a day. I think the main reason is because of the price. With the old company, we had to price our urns so high that no one would buy them, not to mention they would raise their prices every 6 months. Now we're selling urns over the phone and the family hasn't even seen the urn because there is perceived value.”

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