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Exclusive Level

Benefit:  Exclusives receive a 30% discount versus Buyers’ pricing levels (a 20% reduction vs. Partners,) on both products and personalization. This provides the very best value on Ziegler & Ames’ full product line.

To earn the Exclusive level of pricing: Exclusive customers agree to only carry and promote Ziegler & Ames products. They do not promote the sale of any other provider’s competitive products. Exclusives do not have other competitive urns on display, competitive catalogs in view or have other competitive cremation products on their websites or promotional materials. There are no minimum order requirements.

In addition, Exclusives within a one-hour drive of Reno, Nevada, agree to have a representative from Ziegler & Ames give an in-person presentation at no charge, at a date and time acceptable to both parties. Exclusives outside of a one-hour drive of Reno, Nevada, agree to watch an online presentation about Ziegler & Ames, when it is ready in mid-2012.

If a customer has urns or other competitive products in inventory that are very similar to Ziegler & Ames’s products, the customer agrees to discontinue ordering any more of them.

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Customer Testimonials

The Portland Memorial Mausoleum/Wilhelm's Portland Memorial Funeral Home
Denise Hatch
“Service is OUTSTANDING and consistently that way! I truly do appreciate it. I can sing your praises all day long because every interaction is handled with professionalism and expediency. I cannot recall one instance of an error or a time when your customer service folks did not offer up friendly advice and service. Your company definitely has it “dialed in”! And not to be too sugary but in all honesty, I love receiving contracts where a Z & A urn is to be ordered because I know the transaction will be a smooth one.”

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