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About Us

Ziegler & Ames is a family-owned company that makes and sells urns and related products to independent funeral service providers.

We are dedicated to partnering with our customers. We donít just sell urns; weíre looking for long-term customers who value great products with great customer service at great prices.

We are very focused on what we sell and who we sell to. We only sell our own products. We donít sell our products to other urn vendors, public funeral home chains or directly to consumers. We specialize in serving independent funeral service providers of all sizes.


The company was founded in 2002 in Bellingham, WA. In 2011, we moved to Sparks, NV to give our customers faster delivery due to better logistics. We also tripled the size of our warehouse so we could better serve our growing list of customers nationwide.

When we started, our founder, Mel Schlicker loaded his truck with our first products and drove up and down Highway I-5, stopping at every funeral home and selling them our urns. Many of our first customers are still happy customers today.

Word of Mouth

Our business has grown primarily through word-of-mouth. We believe that having an army of satisfied customers is better marketing than expensive advertising. Itís also more fun.

We have over four decades of experience in product design, development, marketing and distribution. Our experience gives us a unique ability to design meaningful products of high value, produce them efficiently and deliver them with the highest level of service. 


Ultimately, a company is not just the products and services, itís the people Ė our customers, employees, and community. We think youíll find weíre the friendliest, most professional, and service-oriented urn company in the country.

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